The Photography App You've Been Waiting For

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Your photography at the forefront

What do you expect to see when you open a photography app? We think we know! FRAMES app is being designed by passionate photographers. We don't care much about stories and reels.


Don't miss your friends' latest photos

Henrik uploaded a new photo to FRAMES just yesterday. He is really proud of it. Let's make sure you see it as well. Photos of the friends and photographers you follow will appear in FRAMES in chronological order. No more missed images, no more "chasing around"!


Choose your best images. Improve your photography.

Your FRAMES portfolio will consist of your 20 best photographs. It will always be up to you to decide which images you share and how you curate and manage your 20-image portfolio to add your newest "winners". This self-curation process strengthen your creative muscles.


Show what you are currently working on

In addition to your Portfolio, you will have a special joker image slot. That's where you will be able to show an extra photograph on any particular day. It will not count towards your main portfolio limit.


How about it's YOU who decides how your photos should look?

Have you heard about default cropping? Sadly, we have too. But we think it should be up to you, not the app, to decide how your photographs look, regardless of the format you've chosen.

Where your photography feels at home

We are currently working hard on developing the FRAMES app. Once ready to go, it will be available in two versions: free (ad supported) and paid (ad-free, based on a nominal monthly subscription fee).